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Submitted on
November 27, 2009



I got tagged ... :P

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 27, 2009, 5:27 PM
  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: Tantric
  • Watching: My mouth
  • Playing: With Molly
  • Drinking: Vampire Merlot
I got tagged by :iconryujinjakka:  Been ages since it's happened so I will play along ... :)

01. Post these rules
02. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
03. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on  the same journal.
04. Go to their pages and send them a message saying that you tagged them
05. No tag-backs

I tag :icona2j3: :iconblood-tipped-thorns: :iconfiery-fire: :iconjellaboom: :iconklr620: :iconmothersheart: :iconpinkal09: :icontriple3spin: :iconxpsychoticxinsanityx: :iconvaldiir:

01. I cannot plunge a toilet.
02. I can flip a quarter with my stomach.
03. Though I am not scared of heights, I am incredibly scared of falling from heights ... :)
04. Ranch dressing with my french fries is the best!
05. I know a little bit about a lot of different things.
06. My total cholesterol is 99, and I am quite proud of that!
07. I just bought my first pair of sneakers.
08. I cannot bake, not cookies ... not pies ... nothing!
09. Trevanian is my favorite author.
10. I am finally starting to watch TV after 6-7 years without.

And now to make it up to everyone I have tagged, and those that trudged through the stuff about me, here's a laugh for you ...


A cop stops a Harley for traveling faster than the posted speed limit, so
he asks the biker his name.

'Fred,' he replies.

'Fred what?' the officer asks.

'Just Fred,' the man responds.

The officer is in a good mood and thinks he might just give the biker a
break and, write him out a warning instead of a ticket. The officer then
presses him for the last name.

The man tells him that he used to have a last name but lost it... The
officer thinks that he has a nut case on his hands but plays along with it. 'Tell
me, Fred, how did you lose your last name?'

The biker replies, 'It's a long story, so stay with me.' I was born Fred
Dingaling. I know -- a funny last name. The kids used to tease me all
the time, so I stayed to myself, studied hard and got good grades. When I got
older, I realized that I wanted to be a doctor. I went through college,
medical school, internship, residency, and finally got my degree, so I was
Fred Dingaling, MD. After a while I got bored being a doctor, so I
decided to go back to school.. Dentistry was my dream! Got all the way through
school, got my degree, so then I was Fred Dingaling, MD, DDS. Got bored
doing dentistry, so I started fooling around with my assistant and she
gave me VD, so now I was Fred Dingaling, MD, DDS, with VD. Well, the ADA
found out about the VD, so they took away my DDS. Then I was Fred Dingaling,
MD, with VD. Then the AMA found out about the ADA taking away my MD because
of the VD, so they took away my MD leaving me as Fred Dingaling with VD.
Then the VD took away my Dingaling, so now I am Just Fred.'

The officer walked away in tears, laughing.

I will move on to my somewhat weekly features ... :hug:

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Here's where I toot my own horn

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triple3spin Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009
What is this tagging business! :D
Are you trying to survey me ....
Kabuchan Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
simonsaz3 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009
Aww, I'll bake some cookies for you! :love:
Kabuchan Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MothersHeart Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
:? OH S#@T!!!!! do I have to??????????

I'm so busy with going to Mayo clinic I just might not find the time:(........:kiss:

OK give me a couple of days! :blahblah:
Kabuchan Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No worries! I don't want you to do anything you don't have time for ... :hug:
That must have been one interesting procedure :rofl:
Kabuchan Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
pinkal09 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2009
lol Do I have to? D:
Kabuchan Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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